Now it’s the time to Play & Nourish our minds….

Dare to take moment, imagine the possibilities…

What if I told you that that my Art Journaling and Creative Self-Care Programme, can actually help you SAVE time as well as relax your busy mind?

This is for you, if you thought – I’d love to do more self-care, but I simply don’t have the luxury of time for this programme. 

With the relentless ordinary, everyday to-do list, and the job / the kids / life admin / Corona updates / etc etc constantly pulling my attention for my time. 

I know where you are coming from. We are exhausted. We may have given up on finding time for ourselves. It is all too much.

But is it a luxury to want to feel less anxious?

Let me assure you, this is a programme that takes self-care at it’s core and helps us Nourish our minds.

For me personally, when I take the small luxury of time to journal, I instantly start to feel lighter, less heavy and more grounded. It’s boosting my much needed serotonin levels and relaxing my nervous system.

If the Art Journaling for Creative Self-Care programme, sounds like something you would love to do if you could, these are some of the benefits my course participants have regularly talked about:

  • How glad they are that they gave themselves this precious time out, away from the busy-ness of life.
  • How they have become more energised, giving themselves time to unwind, let go of stress, and go-to ways to feel less overwhelmed.
  • In taking time to replenish, how it has allowed for greater clarity of mind, and increased productivity to follow.

That is what it is, a gift to yourself of truly taking care of yourself better, slowed down time to reconnect with what’s really important.

With a greater attention to the moment, it can help you to notice your everyday routine more mindfully, start to notice how you use your time, and perhaps let go of things that are draining your time and depleting your energy. All that mindless phone scrolling we always find time for, replaced with the positive, more nourishing actions.

Through engaging in a regular art journaling practice, away from distraction and to-do lists, you can bring back the spontaneity, joy and pleasure to your everyday, feel less overwhelmed by all controlling time pressures.

In my unique creative self-care toolkit, I share ways of enabling calm, in offering mark making meditations, encouraging gentle play with textures, allowing you to slow down time, put on your own oxygen mask ready to help yourself first, and others later, not now.

So, let’s make time to feel less anxious, more joyful, and lighter. Your cup re-filled and nervous system more relaxed.

Let’s commit to opening up to a fresh new positive habit, a journal of the possibilities, on a gently guided journey together to Nourish our minds.

It’s your time for YOU, as your priority, in 2021. 

Email me or read more here if you’d like to know more about me and my approach to creativity. If you would like to learn more about how this feeds into Creative Life Coaching follow the link.