My Approach to Coaching + Services

Hello again lovely humans

I'm here to help you to reconnect to your inner playfulness, and unleash your joyful, energised and creative self. To feel liberated living a more meaningful and fulfilling life, your way.

Perhaps something here resonates:

  • You feel drained of energy; you are run down and stressed out a lot of the time, moving round and round in an all controlling ‘hamster wheel’ of life
  • You feel you have lost your sense of self, just going through the motions day in day out at work, unsure what you really want anymore in this one, precious life
  • You have an overwhelming sense of disconnection, putting yourself on mute a lot of the time, afraid to give yourself permission and speak your truth
  • You were creative as a child but feel a bit of a misfit, there’s a rebellious itch that needs scratching, to reawaken your inner self and feel freer and lighter
  • You feel you have lost your spontaneous sense of adventure and fun, trying to control everything, to keep everything running like clockwork.
  • Perhaps you have a child, and find it hard to relax and just play, allow the mess and be silly with them, but long for deeper connection to them and their imaginative world
  • One day mindlessly seems to blur into the next leaving you asking, ‘What happened today that was different?’

There is a different way to be.

I help clients to confidently IMAGINE, SHIFT, and BREATHE again.

My unique approach uses an unconventional toolkit of arts based coaching methods, mindfulness practice and deep conversations.

A potential client began by talking about an imaginary spoon. That after working together, ended with her finding that career pathway that felt more meaningful.

Her young child had picked the spoon up from under their kitchen table, giggled, and joyfully gestured ‘sssssss’ through the air, like a snake weaving towards her. 

She told me as she watched him immersed in his playing, she felt this awkwardness, a great sadness that she herself couldn’t see the spoon like that, and just not feeling able to let go and join in. She wanted to know if this imaginative, playful side of her was lost forever or just buried beneath the exhausting, serious business of day-to-day adulting.

We worked together, and…she realised she wanted to live differently and retrain.

It was a great experience for me as a rational and straightforward person. Harriet helped me to fully express my creativity as well as to see and feel part of the world I couldn’t see/feel before by being mindful every day!”

– Aroa

Let’s schedule a virtual coffee here, and talk further
about the possibilities and my approach to coaching

1-2-1 coaching sessions with me

 I help people transform on their journey from struggling and SURVIVING to SHIFT. To take action that LIBERATES from their current situation.

There are two ways of working with me :

OPTION ONE: YOUR CREATIVE SPARK : Creative, Curious Self Unlocking : 1.5 hours:

Let’s open up to your inner creative wisdom and really understand where it has got lost/hidden, what creativity and curiosity means to you, and why you feel it is important. Reconnect with and begin straight away to cultivate this possibility mindset, for out of the box thinking unique to you. Takeaway your next easy to action steps to bring creativity and creative thinking back into your everyday life, helping you to approach challenges with greater curiosity and more courageous problem -solving ideas, at home and at work.

PRICE : €200 + 19% USt. / VAT = €238. Email Harriet direct for more about this :

OPTION TWO : SHIFT : 6 COACHING SESSIONS to work on taking action on a specific challenge you have

  • Pre-Coaching Life Audit journaling workbook focusing on your current energy levels, satisfaction across your life
  • 1 x 90-minute goal/intention setting, creative calm meditation and ‘listening to yourself’ journaling session
  • 5 x 60-minute one-to-one coaching sessions, each week or fortnightly
  • At home explorations using my journaling prompts and mindfulness tools
Image showing a testimonial from a client – 'in five minutes of creative journaling I felt as relaxed as I can in 1 hour of yoga' Imelda

We would initially meet for a free virtual coffee of around 45 minutes (a discovery call) and identify a specific challenge, that would clear the path for you to begin your journey to THRIVE. Then, if it feels a good fit, we’d begin with a block of SHIFT sessions focused on a making a desired outcome happen.

As this process is client-led we begin with a 90 minute session, opening up your creativity and more curious self through meditation and creative journaling, to move past any overwhelm and open up to greater calm and clarity. This starts the process to focusing a deeper understanding, and defining the challenge you wish to work on together in greater depth.

Across the five 60 minutes sessions you talk, I listen with curiosity, ask questions, and offer verbal, visual and creative tools, to help you express yourself in new ways, SHIFT perspectives, and find your own unique path, and powerful breakthroughs within. Towards the end of the block we review and open up if you’d like to continue to work together SHIFTING other life / work challenges you may have on your journey to THRIVE.

 “I always felt so scattered but Harriet’s coaching helped me fine-tune goals and work in a more focused and efficient way. 


I offer into the coaching space, as I intuitively feel could support growth, my toolkit of creative and Transformational Life Coaching conversations and models. My training includes Narrative Coaching, Clean Coaching, NLP, Mindfulness Coaching, and is blended in with learnings from 20 years of working with curious, playful kids in Art Education, Creative Journaling, Art Meditations, Visualisations and Mindfulness Journaling Practice. Read more About Me here.

PRICE for the 6 SHIFT sessions on a specific challenge (private clients)  : €600 + 19% USt. / VAT = €714 . Price valid until 31st December 2021. New prices starting 1st January 2022 : €750 + USt. / VAT = €892,50. Please contact for corporate rates.

What do you mean by using arts based methods?

We are all born creative, the hamster wheel of life can change that feeling that it’s for us, or even that it’s actually useful for us to be creative. Art and creative methods are used as a process, of high sensitivity and low skill, to allow us to relax and unwind a busy mind to be more mindfully present, and release new and powerful ideas from the unconscious intuition.

There are NO recent art experiences required, or good art / bad art judgements that might be a vulnerability hangover from school. All you need is an open heart and mind. We collaborate to uncover new perspectives to use to solve challenges together, reconnecting clients with their Playful, Creative and more intuitive mindset.

We begin by moving past the logical into tapping into the more emotional, felt sense, through using colours, mark making, collage, image postcards.

“Every time Harriet coached me I was left with an amazing feeling of lightness and the ability to see more clearly around the topics. “


A little more about my curiosity-driven approach, to bring those powerful ‘aha’ moments out into our space

I’m here to help you find your go-to ways to mindfully relax, unwind and detangle, letting colours and textures flow across your journal page or appear in creative visualisations

I’m your creativity catalyst to intuitively reconnect with your inner joy, and unleash your true visions in collages, shapes, doodles and conversations

I’m your curious guide, to reawaken that sense of childlike awe and wonder in you, through listening in deeply to your challenges,  and in uncovering the metaphors of your life

I’m your imagination igniter, to unleash your stories of a playful, wilder self that’s open to the possibilities of a more courageous you at work or at home,  that is feeling energised, unstuck and freer

Interested to learn more about my approach to coaching, to celebrate who you are? – Email me here for a Virtual Coffee.


Working with Groups


As a Creative Entrepreneur and Founder of little art, I also run an online Rest and Replenish Course (flyer above) : a Creative Self-Care Group Programme which grows the foundations of my coaching work to help manage overwhelm. This course deep dives a mindfulness daily practice, and helps clients to live everyday more intuitively and calmly.

I also work as a Creativity Consultant, helping unlock creativity in organisations, with individuals and entrepreneurs, and run (Remote) Creative Team Events, building teams through reconnecting with our sense of playfulness. More about my own life journey is here.

Create Your Path is a great way to get a taster of my Creative Problem Solving approach. Other online Group Coaching Programmes using my arts based methods, to be announced shortly, please email to register your interest.