Life Coaching : For Joyful, Creative Living

Are you wanting to live life in flow, with a greater sense of aliveness, with more connection, fulfillment and joy? To re-discover what your heart desires, and THRIVE doing what you love?

My unique approach using arts based methods, mindfulness practice and deep conversations, offers a different way to collaborate on a transformational life coaching journey with clients.

Your curious, PLAYFUL self needs you! The imperfect, passionate, one-of-a-kind YOU.

A portrait of Harriet Poole Creative Life Coach with an example from a Creative Art Journal

Hello there! I’m Harriet.

I’m here to help adults unlearn, more freely self-express, and recover their inner playful rebel. To reinvigorate, discover wilder possibilities, and provide challenge to the-way-it-has-always-been. After the year that 2020 was, what HOPES that 2021 can bring ALIVE, through moving from igniting imaginations, to defining ambitions, and taking inspired action that transforms situations.

I’m a certified Transformational Life Coach, Mindfulness & Creativity Coach. I bring over 20 years experience working as a Visual Arts Teacher, Creativity Mentor, Arts Director, Creative Entrepreneur, and Founder of a Community Arts LAB. This shapes my journey and gives me many unique tools to help you feel truly ALIVE and tingling with the possibilities.

I dream of a world where everyone allows themselves to be playful, seeks and enjoys novelty. Imagination is everything.

I want a world where people make meaningful connections to themselves and others through following their curiosity, that lights up their inner sense of aliveness.

I want this so that people live more spontaneously and free, fill their self-care cup so that they have the headspace to move out of paralysing situations.

I want to be part of this world so that adults live a life of their authentic, creative and whole self.

Harriet showed me big magic can happen in 5 minutes.”

– Zuzana (client)

If there is something niggling for a different way to be, then I’m glad you’re here, and I’d love to listen to your story.

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Are you wondering how this can help you deal with your real life issues? My coaching can help you if something here sounds familiar:

  • You feel drained of energy; you are run down and stressed a lot of the time, moving round and round in an all controlling ‘hamster wheel’ of life
  • You have an overwhelming sense of disconnection, putting yourself on mute a lot of the time, afraid to give yourself permission and speak your truth
  • You feel you have lost the sense of who you really are at work, or what you really want in life
  • You were creative as a child but feel a bit of a misfit, there’s a rebellious itch that needs scratching, to reawaken your inner self and feel freer
  • You feel you have lost your spontaneous sense of adventure and fun, one day mindlessly seems to blur into the next leaving you asking, ‘What happened today that was different?’
  • Perhaps you have a child, and find it hard to relax and just play, allow the mess and be silly with them, but long for deeper connection to them and their imaginative world

Let’s discuss how I, through Life Coaching, can help you uncover your own uniquely you compass, and navigate your path through curiosity and creativity…………Get your goals clear and move from SURVIVE to THRIVE.

“Self-doubt and false beliefs are well hidden. Having Harriet carefully drawing my attention to this behavioral pattern, made me aware of this self-sabotaging habit, and the impact it has on my life. “


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