I am so grateful for Harriet’s coaching! I am definitely more productive and focused. Harriet helped me notice that many of the solutions were right in front of me. I also liked that it helped me reflect on a lot of ways that I had been keeping myself stuck. She is so dedicated to working with you to find creative ways to make forward movement toward your goals. I always felt so scattered and had so many big plans but Harriet’s coaching helped me fine-tune those goals and work in a more focused and efficient way. I would highly recommend it especially for those in a creative field. It is a great way to harness your creative energies in a practical way.

– Lola

I identified what creativity means for ME (baking, reading, coloring; not drawing/painting…or typical definitions of art.) I read, and baked a lot this weekend. I liked the open and honest conversation, and the question-based approach (versus prescribed solutions/fixing-based)