is proud of her past...

Recent Live Art Performances:

December 2007, Too many Cooks, Wimbledon College of Art. One night happening of a collective project in which I was exploring storytelling, video and participation. As part of a group Participation project in collaboration with artists FrenchMottershead.

February 2008, (in)visible exchange in Approaches to what? MA Wimbledon College of Art Interim Show, Nunnery, Bow, East London. Closet performance in a staged darkroom, for one at a time performed across 3 days exploiting photography through intimate exchanges and storytelling. Participants exchanged stories about the contents of their pockets which materialised fleeting through a photogrammed trace of the objects.

26 April 2008, a (de)constructed exchange, 55 Leroy Street: Further investigations. Collaborative project with Laura Bean, working with site-specific performance art to explore the fictive and real histories surrounding the derelict light-industry site at 55 Leroy St. We worked with deconstructing factory processes whilst simultaneously exploiting photography in a performative manner within the office as a staged darkroom. Audience members were invited to participate and surrender unwanted home furnishings/ clothing to help facilitate the performance and leave new traces of occupation.

May and December 2008, May and October 2009, Handbag scratch, BAC, London. I performed in Geraldine Pilgrims Scratch performance involving ladies dancing round their handbags.

24 May 2008, (in)visible exchange, selected as Platform Artist for East End Collaborations, Queen Mary University, London, run by the Live Art development Agency. This photo-performance from the Nunnery was adapted to site of a porter's post room and kitchenette. The event mentors who participated in the work, included renowned live arts practitioners Lois Weaver, Franko B, Stacy Makishi.

23 July 2008, Stand up Comedy gig, Chapter Bar, Islington. The set for this explored quirky family stories and photos of floral tributes.

4 to 10 September 2008, shed, MA show at Wimbledon College of Art, London. This show explored the site of two shed in its’ duality as a noun and a verb. This was through constantly shifting it as a space of secrecy and redundancy through exploring storytelling, participation and live photography.

18 October 2008, The Darkroom, at Duckie, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London. This piece was selected as a development of EEC (in)visible exchange as part of October’s Duckie does de Trop, curated by Mitch, where Duckie performance spills off the stage into the street or starts on the dance floor.

4 February 2009, Private View, First Thursday,Red Show Films, Regent Studios, Hackney. This piece played with notions of the Private View- encouraging people to let down their guard when inside a photo-darkroom cupboard within the public arena, generating the images to then be browsed in the public portfolio.

4 March 2009, den, Not a F******* Art Show, Trinity Buoy Wharf, Docklands. This piece was a performative exchange inside a makeshift nostalgic childŐs den, where participants climbed inside and shared stories about past loved ones.

30 May 2009, (in)visible exchange, at 15 Minute factory, Rag Factory, Shoreditch, London. Site-response exchanges took place in the art club environment of the Rag Factory. Experimental pilot version where 5 performer-facilitators took the piece into their own using a score for action.

9 June 2009, (in)visible exchange, at SPRINT Festival at Camden People's Theatre, Camden. Site-response exchanges took place in the launch event of the festival foyer and the basement of the theatre.

12 & 13 June 2009, (in)visible exchange, at Siteshow4 @ Maida Vale, London. Site-response exchanges took place in the in-between state of a house as a building site, and on a bench on the canal opposite.

19th June, 2009, A performative interlude, collaborative with Neither Am I Live At The Apollo, Herne Hill, London. This one-to-one piece performatively explored redundancy of site and technology; an empty video shop and VHS tapes, reappropriating corporate language, protocol and paperwork.

Previous photographic and film work:

January 2005, (Rymer, York) and June 2006 (Cargo, London), Sedna Stories, composed by Kerry Andrew, and a collaboration with voice (acapella group, juice), ensemble and electronica artist Paul J Abbott. For this large scale visual-music-theatre work, which embodied the theatricality of Inuit folk tales, I created all the photographic and film set as a backdrop for the performance.

July 2006 Hausmusik (Claudia Molitor - Klangsieben and Sound Source series for spnm ), Cargo, East London. I created a photographic stills and a visual score (film) for silent improvisation.

September 2006, Solar Noise Generation (SNG- Ash Sargant -!PLOVA,) Wormhole Saloon at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London. I created a film played live to sound art performance.

March 2007 Gobsmack, The Spitz, London. I created live photographic visuals for an experimental vocals night .

August 2007, Give me a new look, Central St. Martins, London. I explored invisible performances in a commercial setting. I asked shop assistants at stores on Oxford Street to give me a new image based entirely on their visual perceptions of me, and to photograph with a disposable camera the outfits selected, posed as though requesting them for my partner to see how good I could look. This resulted in a photographic installation of the outcomes.


Foundation in Art (Chelsea College of Art and Design, 1994)

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Photography, video and installation) (Staffordshire University, 1997)

PGCE Secondary Art and Design (UWIC, 1998)

PGCERT: Innovation in Education (Warwick University, 2006)

MA Theatre: Visual Language of Performance (Wimbledon College of Art, 2007-8)


Visual Arts Tutor, Varndean College, Brighton, 1998-2001

Director of Visual Arts and Design (P/T), The BRIT School, Croydon, 2001-present (on sabbatical leave 2007-8)

I have a variety of experiences in directing, teaching and collaborating within local and international schools, colleges and communities, championing visual and performing arts projects.

I live and work in London, UK

June 2009