I’ve worked with many brilliant inspiring people, here I have shared some coaching testimonials I have received, across our Life Coaching Journeys.

I am a huge fan of Harriet’s and feel very grateful that she is helping me on my journey. I love her flexibility and her emotional intelligence. I am particularly struggling with a sense of overwhelm. She has helped me to develop creative tools to deal with this strange and difficult [pandemic] time. I have become a big fan of free writing and also realise that colour makes such a difference to my sense of well-being. I have enjoyed and benefitted from it so much.

– Alexandra

I felt like it was very easy to ditch the inner critic very quickly, I was really surprised how quickly a problem that I’ve had for as long as I can remember got so much better. I liked when you said, “just exploring the tool, seeing where it goes. It’s a playground not a prison.” I walked out of every session energized, more open and full of possibility. 


Every time Harriet coached me I was left with an amazing feeling of lightness and the ability to see more clearly around the topics I brought to our talks. With her powerful approach through imagery, metaphors and mindful meditations she enabled me to see beyond my limiting assumptions, clarify my thoughts and to overcome my fears as well as doubts. It was like a complete new way of discovering my potentials as a human being. I never thought it could be so effective and powerful to approach the situation I am currently stuck with through images and metaphors and arrive to that point of ease when everything seems much more brighter, calmer and full of possibilities. I can not recommend enough Harriet as a coach to anyone who is seeking change, would like to get more clarity within their thinking, and overcome feelings they find restraining. I honestly believe her empathy and professional methodology can contribute to anyone’s journey who is dedicated enough to seek transformation on the most profound level.


It was a great and enlightening experience, Harriet is an attentive coacher. I succeeded to unleash some resistance in me to sit in front of a blank paper and create something, anything. I slowly was able to create more and more, using the tools I gained, such as the understanding of my needs for a frame, and trying to let go of an outcome-based process, so I don’t feel overwhelmed. Self-doubt and false beliefs are well hidden, however, they are consistently growing, until they become our reality. Having Harriet carefully drawing my attention to this behavioral pattern, made me aware of this self-sabotaging habit, and the impact it has on my life. The aspects that worked most for me were the use of visual or tangible assistive elements. She also consistently [drew] my attention to intuitive clues that helped me uncover intrinsic layers of emotions, desires, and fears.


I am so grateful for Harriet’s coaching! I am definitely more productive and focused. Harriet helped me notice that many of the solutions were right in front of me. I also liked that it helped me reflect on a lot of ways that I had been keeping myself stuck. She is so dedicated to working with you to find creative ways to make forward movement toward your goals. I always felt so scattered and had so many big plans but Harriet’s coaching helped me fine-tune those goals and work in a more focused and efficient way. I would highly recommend it especially for those in a creative field. It is a great way to harness your creative energies in a practical way.

– Lola

Harriet helped me work through my current challenges and was able to give me very helpful and different perspectives, insights and tools to help me create sustainable change in my life. We also worked with very creative methods, i.e. picture postcards, and I was amazed by what came out of them.

– Isabel

I identified what creativity means for ME (baking, reading, coloring; not drawing/painting…or typical definitions of art.) I read, and baked a lot this weekend. I liked the open and honest conversation, and the question-based approach (versus prescribed solutions/fixing-based)


Harriet’s a creative mirror into your life. I can now bring my innate creativity unapologetically into my professional work-life.