likes to keep busy

I explore the interplay of performer or performative self and participant experimented in response to everyday or abandoned sites, real or fictive histories. I tell stories and have conversations, moments sharing the small print, formalities or eccentricities in life. It may all be one-sided and bonkers at times, pedantic and proforma driven, score-led with chance elements, exposed in the public domain or intimately private and tucked away. I excavate processes of performative exchange, in the blur of art and life in temporarily occupying spaces as found, often misbehaving alongside the process of image making; persona, presence and narrative, especially the non-verbal as well as hyper or alter ego self. I may or may not leave behind traces of occupancy, relics as installations, allowing multiple layers of audiences within or observing a spectacle, entirely private and one-to-one, or passively looking at a trace scratching their heads trying the impossible of working out exactly what had happened, the moment that has passed, and inventing the possibilities.....

I can often be found generally hanging around in offices, closets, sheds, dens, bathrooms, living rooms, in galleries, clubs, derelict warehouses,abandoned video shops, foyers, basements, bookshops, parked cars.

Recent work (see archive/blog for more about these:)

(in)visible exchange, at The Nunnery, Bow (2008)

a (de)constructed exchange, at The Space in Between, Bermondsey (2008)

(in)visible exchange at EEC (Live Art Development Agency and QMUL), Platform Artist (2008)

shed, MA show at Wimbledon College of Art, London (2008)

The Darkroom, at Duckie, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Vauxhall (2008)

Private View, First Thursday, Regent Studios, Hackney (2009)

den, at Not a F******* Art Show, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London (2009)

(in)visible exchange, at 15 Minute factory, Rag Factory, Shoreditch, London (2009)

(in)visible exchange, at SPRINT Festival at Camden People's Theatre, Camden (2009)

(in)visible exchange, at Siteshow4 @ Maida Vale, London (2009)

A performative interlude, collaborative with Neither Am I, Live At The Apollo, Herne Hill, London (2009)

I also work part-time as Director of Visual Arts and Design at The BRIT School.