Are you ready to finally get past your fear and self-doubt and step into your creative brilliance, to show up as imperfectly beautiful, one-of-a-kind you in the world?

If you are done with your stuckness, then I’m glad you’re here, and I’d love to listen to your story.

Let’s have a conversation if something here sounds all too familiar:

– You feel drained of energy; you are run down and stressed a lot of the time, moving round and round in an all controlling ‘hamster wheel’ of life

– You have an overwhelming sense of disconnection, putting yourself on mute a lot of the time, afraid to give yourself permission and speak your truth

– You were creative as a child but feel a bit of a misfit, there’s a rebellious itch that needs scratching to let yourself be free

– You feel you have lost your spontaneous sense of adventure and fun, one day mindlessly seems to blur into the next leaving you asking, ‘What happened today that was different?’

– Perhaps you have a child, and find it hard to relax and just play, be silly with them, but long for deeper connection to them and their imaginative world

Something resonates? Let’s start with your story and a conversation, over a virtual cuppa. Email me here.

Hello there! I’m Harriet.

I work with people who feel exhausted, or lost in the seriousness of life, to reconnect to their inner playful rebel, and unleash their joyful, energised and creative self. 


So, you’re still reading? That’s great!

Here I am, ready to have a conversation with you, so I can get to understand your big challenge right now.

Let’s see through a journey of curiosity and creativity, how if it feels a good fit, I could help you uncover your own uniquely you compass, and navigate your path from FEAR TO FREEDOM.

“Harriet showed me big magic can happen in 5 minutes.”

I’m your curious guide, to reawaken that sense of childlike awe and wonder in you, through listening in deeply to your challenges, and in uncovering the metaphors of your life

I’m here to ask you, “What if you did?” and get you to draw your way forward, upside down and back to front for new perspectives.

I’m here to help you find your go-to ways to mindfully relax, unwind and detangle, letting colours and textures flow across your journal page or appear in creative visualisations

I’m your creativity catalyst to intuitively reconnect with your inner joy, and unleash your true visions, through bringing those powerful ‘aha’ moments out into our space

I’m your imagination igniter, to unleash your wilder self that’s open to the possibilities of a more courageous you, that is feeling energised, unstuck and freer

Interested to know more about how I work, to celebrate who you are?

Let’s have a conversation in a free Discovery call. Takeaway one key thing to start breakthroughs happening for you straight away. Email me here.