Courage + Curiosity + Conversations = Aha!

“Harriet showed me big magic can happen in 5 minutes.”

I’m here with square pegs and their round holes. Holding space for the fish out of water, who are finally ready for something different.

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Harriet Norwood Poole Mindful Rebel

 “Harriet. You’ve got such a vivid imagination!

Are you listening to me? Are you?”

I’d always just allowed myself to be put instantly on mute, crawling back under the rug of expectation, shrinking like an unwelcome tiny mouse, sneaking in and living behind the mismatch of 80s blurred curtains, buried under the lingering and dehydrated mash potato, and sweaty khaki green petit pois of shame. 

Everything is suburbanly suffocating me. I want to play this film back in my mind, speed up the back-out-of-the-door with my friend under the blue skies and little fluffy clouds, and feel the glowing warm sunshine on my bright red and fed up skin. To the place where the upturned tree roots, but I find that it’s now pushing-its-luck up against the concrete. 

What’s wrong with me?

I’m screeching as loud as my voice can go, dancing, laughing, leaping quickly with my wild feet and limbs, shouting out along with the powerful words of Neneh Cherry. And in the next moment, Somebody, by Depeche Mode is wafting into the darkness of my dearest friend, the empty pile of junk I-never-once-put-away, in the middle of my bedroom of soft pastel rainbows and saccharined pink stained dark grey clouds. 

I’m raising my voice, just a little to be heard over the wild thrashing storm outside. There’s the paynes grey pounding pellets, which we are all laughing along with, as the film-opening backdrop to my ‘oasis of calm,’ that everyone has handed over their hard earned cash for. The wafts of lavender and peaceful piano gently caress the soul, on the table there’s muted colour palettes, soothing cotton wool balls, freshly almost-sharp pencils poised,  and a glass half full ready for anyone who wants it. 

The doorbell rings, late. A muddy brown puddle appears in the hallway. I give the apologising stranger some of my warm clothes and a soft fluffy towel, and she joins in the one empty spot at the back of the studio. I give her the half full glass of water, she smiles and we begin, eyes closed and colour in hand, I notice her sink into the earth, and feel her arrive back home. 

“Harriet showed me big magic can happen in 5 minutes.”

The storm vanishes into thin air as quickly as it arrived, like always until next time. But now I’m pulling on my orange fake fur teenage coat, big DMs, bright purple tights and flowery charity shop dress, and I’m wearing a cool pink bunny in my hair. The night club bouncers are laughing at me, but I laugh back. We come out into the wide awake morning, into little clouds gently moving through the blue skies of wonder.

We are flinging open slightly unhinged doors of possibility and patched up brickwork of self-expression, a mismatch where nothing quite fits, re-invented by brutally honest human hands.

There’s an art work by a fifteen year old on the bare cold concrete floor, about the day her dad left, shrouded in bandages and a solid white plaster cast of a toddler’s pair of shoes. I’m transported to the spot, in the deafening silence of the not knowing cast within, the haunting rejection, the whispering voice tugging at the precious tiny hand of all-those-who-know. I get the sense that I have finally arrived, amongst the soulful shoes that just fit. 

I’m like a kid in one giant permission-given sweet shop, peeling wrappers open of whatever we desire, delighting in the naturally sweet taste of bold and the brave, and crawling into nooks and crannies of I-never-knew-that-about you-and I feel-it-too, basking in the golden sunlight of all the inner fearless ‘toddlers’ running off to play. 

The Principal is smiling and, ‘Just loving it all, H!’ But I can’t receive this, I’m thinking about the next new toy for our Art Dept team. My brain had turned up to an ear splitting volume that relentlessly looping email from Admin, muting the sounds of creative souls transforming in front of my self-shuttered eyelids. 

At this moment, I have a choice. I am choosing to stand with the tiny cast feet, asking awkward questions of being human.

I close my eyes, and my foot is entwined in the upturned roots of the earth, pulling me back home, into my vivid imagination, I’m there, wondering and wandering, and I can finally BREATHE.


My vision for the world is where square pegs fit in round holes, and belong. Where allowing awkward imperfection is our life goal to make us feel truly alive.

My vision for you is to let you finally listen in to that niggling itch, that person suffocating, muted under that relentless rug of expectation and gasping for air, as it was for you as a child at school, at work or at home. Or who just for a moment dares to watch the clouds and IMAGINE and BREATHE.

To tune into your intuition, to re-wild yourself and unleash that inner curious toddler, a rebel running off and daring to be seen, through speaking with your own creative voice. I see you leading your tribe to a place of great change, writing your memoir of a life lived from the depths of your unique creative soul, throwing out the rules of the self-imposed life manual. 

I am here to help you mix up your very own wild and colourful palette, and open back up those screwed up ‘mistakes’ if you so feel, allowing the colour washes to softly reveal your connections, without squeezing back out the last traces of a monochrome life left in the tube. 

I’m here to offer you a safe space to dream up, think big and be HEARD, your way on a magic carpet ride, where you choose to go.

[A little more about me….]

I’m a Mindful Rebel, Play Facilitator, Intuitive Guide, Creativity Catalyst, Mess Maker, Rule Breaker, Dreamer, Be-er and Do-er.

I’m also a qualified Transformational Life Coach.

I work with clients on a personalised basis, utilising my Toolkit of Transformational Coaching conversations and models such as Narrative Coaching, Clean Coaching, NLP, Mindfulness Coaching, blended in with Creative Journaling, Art Meditations, Visualisations and Mindfulness Practice.

We’d work together 1-2-1, in 6 or 12 session blocks, following our curiosity to co-create an experience that feels right for your transformational journey. 

I also run an online Creative Self-Care Group Programme, to be launched Autumn 2020.

I know you are thinking how can my creativity help me feel this great sense of aliveness? How can listening to my intuition, speaking in metaphors, visualising my stories, sitting and journaling really unleash my voice?

I know you are feeling scared, worried about other’s voices, but I am here to hold space to listen to you, to help you stand in your truth,  allow your deep soulful connection to form through colours, marks, your daily lived textures of your imperfect messy life.

Interested to know more about how I work, to celebrate who you are? Let’s schedule in a FREE Discovery call here.

Location : In person coaching in Saarbrücker Straße, 10405, Berlin, Germany. Also Online coaching via Zoom ( GMT+1 )

Language : Coaching in English


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Harriet is also Founder of little art