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I’m on a mission to help you show up as yourself, lead your tribe, in your own beautiful and imperfect way.

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Harriet Poole likes to play. Loves it in fact. But never by the rules. She’s an artist who doesn’t do easels. A painter who can give or take a brush. A writer who does it all wrong. At least that’s what an English teacher once told her. “Quite undisciplined” is a phrase she used. And it has stuck with her her entire life. 

Hey teacher! Harriet can write now. It may not be English-teacher worthy, but Harriet’s just fine with that. The important thing is to just let it flow. In fact, by healing what she calls her own “creativity scars,” Harriet found a way to help others tap into their own lost creativity. 

Harriet would like to “re-wild” us all. Return each and every one of us to that time of awe and wonder we experienced in early life. “It’s okay to show up exactly as you are,” she says. “Be comfortable with your awkward self. There is no ‘right’ way to be. Once we let go, we can be more mindful of the magic that surrounds us.”

When Harriet’s parents moved to a boring, overly-orderly neighbourhood in South London when she was 11, Harriet felt like a fish out of water. As a teenager, she wore her orange, fake fur coat to the clubs. But when the bouncers laughed and turned her away, she moved on. Didn’t let societal constraints get her down. 

In 2013, Harriet moved from London to Berlin with her partner and baby in search of a greener, slower, more open space to breathe and daydream. A place where her creativity could thrive. Harriet’s baby is 8 now, and she still loves making a glorious mess together with her. In fact, she’s been known to not only allow, but encourage kids to dump paint all over the floor of her studio. (Protected by covers of course).

As a coach, Harriet will work with you on an individual basis. She lets you take the lead, giving you the structure and motivation you might need using creative processes and verbal methods, so that you can unleash your inner toddler on your own terms. She coaches, she mentors, she art journals. Ask her more about any of that.

“Our early years are full of awe and wonder,” Harriet says. “We went running off not knowing where we were going or where the path would take us. We need to return to that place of no fear and lead the tribe to run with us.”

Creativity flows through Harriet’s blood. It forms the essence of who she is at the core. Harriet has a BA in Fine Art, MA in Theatre, and PGCE Art and Design. She has spent 15 years loving working in Arts Education in colleges, schools and kindergartens. After immersing in Berlin life, she learned that the often standardised, fill-in-the-box curriculum typical of school life no longer was her thing, so she set off to realise a life with no creative boundaries, where her big wild ideas could take her in any direction she chooses : she founded little art for kids and adults, as well as businesses, to play more together. Her Accreditation in Transformational Life Coaching and Mindfulness Coaching weaves together her creative self with a beautiful encounter with the soul, through staying curious.

“It’s about being present in our senses,” she says. “Notice the extraordinary in the ordinary. We’ve lost the ability to just be still. We need to move into a place of simply being. Being satisfied. Being content in the here and now of everyday life.”

Contact Harriet today [ hello@harrietpoole.com ] so she can learn more about what you might be struggling with, and she will get back to you when a Coaching spot becomes available. How through her extensive transformational life coaching, mindfulness and creativity toolkit she can best help you to smash through your blocks.

 Location : In person coaching in Saarbrücker Straße, 10405, Berlin, Germany. Also Online coaching via Zoom ( GMT+1 )

Language : Coaching in English


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